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The Presbyterian cross is a symbol which joins the cross and a ring around the intersection. This is a characteristic symbol representing the Celtic Christianity. It is true that this symbol is related to the ancient Pre-Christians, yet, it is used in the modem days Celtic Christianity as Presbyterian cross pendant. The Presbyterian cross pendant is also referred to as the Saint Luke’s cross. This pendant has some vital details and also has some unique features. They are made strong and are very sturdy. That is why many Presbyterian Americans who are serving in the Army wear it. The pendant is precision carved with 100% assurance and three hundred and four quality of stainless steel. The Presbyterian cross pendant is non-reactive, with bright finishing and also non-magnetic. The pendant is nice and durable but might be regarded as small for many people. One interesting part of this wonderful cross pendant is that it is lightweight and portable. The construction is nice with a perfect chain length for many people. You can put it on every day. Though some people say they would have preferred theirs without the small code etched at the back of it. Apart from that, many love it because is a great chain.

The Presbyterian cross pendant appeals almost all Presbyterians and many others due to its simplicity and functionality. It is excellent since it can’t break at all. It is less steel but it is heavy enough for all so that it can stay below your shirt if you like.

Identify Who You Are

Presbyterian cross pendant is a symbol for identifying who the Presbyterian are and what they do. There are special designs to differentiate the hierarchy of authority in the Presbyterian faith. The symbolism of the Presbyterian cross pendant is ambiguous since there are many interpretations and legends attached to the original meaning which is reformed into the new cross pendant. Both Presbyterian and Catholic get startled over the fact that they all claim it belongs to them. In this present time, the ringed cross is regarded as a symbol of ethnic heritage which is of faith. It is regarded as an emblem of the former Scottish Welsh or Irish identity. History of Celtic people may give you more explanation of this symbol because is a generous subject. You can get much from the Catholic Irish priest about the circle and the cross. Some say it is a symbol of eternity which shows the endlessness of God’s love which is what Christ’s sacrifice is all about. It shows how important crucifixion is and how the salvation of those who believe. Some say that Celtic stone for carving the cross has a hidden relationship with the stones of druids which originally is a phallic symbol. Some say it is the symbol of the sun worshipers by the druids appropriated by the Christians. You may want to know the truth about it all. The truth is that no one has a complete understanding of the Presbyterian cross pendant but the story of St Patrick tuming the cross over the round pagan symbol shows the way Celtic Christianity came about.


So much is belying the Presbyterian cross pendant yet many prefer it to the rosary with its thing double chain. The prehistoric aspect does not deter the Presbyterian from wearing this symbol because it is the symbol of Celtic Christianity. It represents the incarnate love of God in Jesus Christ and the belief that the Holy Spirit plays an important role. This pendant generally acceptable and people who share and appreciate Irish culture and Presbyterian belief wears it proudly. You can wear it even if you are not a Presbyterian member because they shape is unique and the material for making the head, the cap, the shaft and the base is sturdy and durable. It is a thing to be desired by all. Don’t forget to contact us to find out about how you can get yours today.