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How to Incorporate Jesus in your Daily Life

Every day is a new gift from God. It is, therefore, our duty to live up to the ways of Christ. However, this may sometimes turn out to be a challenge. That is why you need Jesus to be part and parcel of your daily life. We all have weaknesses and don’t meet the standards of perfection in the eyes of God. It is this desperate human nature that calls for a dire need for incorporating Jesus in the day to day living. That doesn’t come easily. So, it is prudent for you to seek a practical formula to draw closer to Jesus.

Talk to God During the Day

When leaving for work, it is almost everyone’s weakness to start the engine. What follows next is the music to keep you company on the way. Praying in the morning after you wake is all right, yes, but telling God a few words once you get into your car before starting the drive draws you closer to Him. The power of prayer does not only lie in the kneeling, but also in a sincere soul that truly seeks the ways of the Lord.

Try to be passionate about others. That is one thing that makes the life of Jesus manifest in you. One word from your heart telling God about another person’s situation makes a huge step towards emulating Christ. Make the effort of talking to God as if you are talking to your best friend. Hold a conversation with Jesus mentally. Talk to him now and then concerning various issues.

Create Bond with the Word of God

The Bible is a living assurance that God speaks to us and continues to manifest in everyday life. He involves Himself in your life through His word which is the Bible. Apart from the church sermons, it is good to develop a Bible reading habit. Stay calm at lunch break and read a few verses. Let the Bible be your companion.

The word of God manifests everywhere. His word, everything on this planet came into being. Our surrounding speaks out the word of God. The good news is that when we open our hearts and allow every surrounding that speaks out the presence of God, Jesus then lives in us. When you listen to the voice of Jesus speaking to you through the scriptures, the surroundings, and the other brethren; then you truly begin to experience Jesus in your daily life.

See the Power in God’s Creation

All the ordinary circumstances like the sunrise, the seas, manifest the power of God. Apart from giving these entire things to us for free, He also adds Jesus in our lives to save us from the bondage of sins. It is with much love that Jesus comes to the rescue of the human race.

Even though you may depend on spiritual leaders for guidance, it is also true that you can see Jesus manifest in nature. All the mercies that He grants you when waking up. Going to work or carrying out your daily chores depicts the love of Jesus to you as a human.

Make it a point to invite Jesus into your everyday life. Tell us other ways you have accomplished this and that work for you.