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The Presbyterian college is an affiliate of the Presbyterian Church, which has its headquarters in the United States. Apart from its academic roles, the college hosts one of the famous football team known as the Blue House. The blue house team is currently being coached by two coaches namely: Tommy Spangler and Harold Nichols.
Football is purely an American game that epitomizes all their national values: hard work, glory, toughness and victory. It is an action game that will keep its fan excited as they watch it from their homes or at the stadium. This article will give you the reasons why people love Presbyterian football that you need to know.

Reasons why people love Presbyterian College Football

This is what every person does every weekend before attending a game. Tailgating is an unspoken expectation of attending a college football match. It is that burning desire that everyone has of attending to watch a college football match with their friends.

School’s Passion and Pride
One thing that differentiates Presbyterian college football from the NFL is the passion and pride of Presbyterian schools. College football does not emphasize more about the team but the school values. The pride of the school inspires the individual players to achieve their best.

Fight Songs
Nothing makes Presbyterian football as fun as when they start to sing their fight songs before their match commences. These fight songs identify Presbyterian college football team as a unique force that can win any match despite the circumstances.

Nothing causes people to come together, than when bleachers are installed in the stadiums. They help to enhance the environment in the stadium because of their several uses. You can sit near students who are cheering for their favorite team and make new friends. They provide great standing platforms for the cheering squads.

Rivalry in college football is real. No wonder people want to go and watch opposing college football teams as they engage each other on the fields. People go anticipating that anything can happen during such games.

Traditions dominate every college football competition things like the fight songs that the Presbyterian football team sings as they enter the stadium or the cheers that dominate every game.
Each of these traditions distinguishes one school from another. It would be so boring if each school had almost the same fight song or a cheering slogan. Most people go to watch these games because of the diversity of these traditions among college football teams.

As a matter of fact, everybody loves to watch controversial college football matches. Controversies drive debates and arguments, giving you a topic to discuss. This is what makes college football to be fun and enjoyable.

Games are Held on Saturdays
Most college football matches are played on Saturdays. This gives people who do not work over the weekend a chance to go and watch the matches. This also relieves the students from the pressures of completing their assignments on time because they are free on Friday and Sunday.